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What people are saying about the course

Easy to retain...

David's anatomy course is easy to understand and follow. The information is clear and the videos provide imagery that is easy to retain. Overall, this course is a great tutorial for students or refresh course for experienced therapists.

Adrian  > Massage Therapist


David Keil’s way of sharing complex anatomical knowledge, with his simple and easy to assimilate approach, has found it’s pinnacle! 

The multiple layers of content delivery within the course will really help you to grasp/master deeper anatomy/movement principles and the bespoke graphical representations that David has created are stunning. This course will take your knowledge, understanding and ultimate confidence in really knowing anatomy to the next level.  Essential!

SCOTT JOHNSON  >  Yoga Teacher - Stillpoint Yoga London

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How long will I have access?

That depends on the method you choose at purchase. By far the best value is to purchase lifetime access.

What if I want a refund?

We are happy to offer you a refund within the first 30 days.

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Do I need any books to go along with this course?

No. However, if you are in school, it would be helpful to use your books to make sure you are using the same exact attachment points that your instructor uses. There are slight variations across the kinesiology world in the way that some attachment points are described.

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