Psoas Muscle and Movement

Iliopsoas And Movement


How does iliopsoas move? Iliopsoas is not just related to the possible movements we can do; it’s intimately related to our quality of movement.

muscle fascia

What is Muscle Fascia?

A deeper understanding of how we move requires an understanding of all the components that impact movement. In this post, we take a look at fascia and explore its role in movement.

Iliacus Psoas Major Muscle



The iliopsoas is a key postural and structural muscle that connects our torso to our legs. It is our strongest hip flexor and the primary muscle used for walking.

muscle anatomy

What is a Muscle?

Muscles are more intricate than we often realize. While we might think of them as one solid thing, they are actually far more nuanced than that. Their structure is what makes them so functional.

What's Your Leaning Style?

What’s Your Learning Style?


Have you ever noticed, when learning a new skill, that you pick it up easily in some contexts, but it’s more challenging to retain new information in others? We all learn a little differently.