About David Keil

This is about YOU learning your muscles. 

As far back as I can remember, I have enjoyed deconstructing and reconstructing things. Whether I was pulling apart a radio in our garage or building a bike out of various pieces, I love understanding how things work.

From an educational perspective, I enjoy the challenge of taking complex topics and making them simple and understandable to everyone. This is the challenge that I've taken on for myself since 1998, when I taught kinesiology for the first time. The reward has been tremendous! Developing content on anatomy so that people not just understand it but also benefit from it,  leaves me fulfilled. Because I know that when therapists, and teachers understand their anatomy, it helps them to help others.

Functional Anatomy of Yoga

This mission to make the complex simple is exactly what I did in my book, Functional Anatomy of Yoga. I took the complexity of anatomy and the complexity of yoga and brought them together in a conversational tone. Why? So that the people reading the book would understand it!

Yoganatomy.com - Where I sharpened my skills

Since 2000, teaching anatomy in the yoga world has been my passion and it has literally taken me around the world. I started practicing yoga and Tai Chi back in 1988 when I was still in High School. That was years before yoga became popular and learning resources were extremely limited.

While teaching kinesiology at Educating Hands, I realized that yoga teachers also needed to learn their anatomy in order to work with their students. I created yoganatomy.com and mixed my passion for yoga and anatomy. It's been a very fulfilling  journey.